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Magnetic messaging PDF – your modern day love guru

In today’s world of opportunity and widespread availability what is feared most is the competition and the fear of losing. Even the love game has become a battle game now.

What option does one have?
You can fight it out like everyone else with the best of abilities and skills, one has to stand out amongst the crowd or seek help in doing so.
Especially for the guys, the pressure of wooing the lady love, saying all the right things, doing everything right and then closing the dealimage showing alt text seems to be very burdensome.

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Have you heard the name Magnetic messaging eBook?

What was it about? Was it about Dating, Texting or Sexting?
Yes, it is all of them and a lot more. It’s about the Art of relationship building, nurturing them, feeding them and making it a strong part of your day to day living, if you really are keen on making rightful use of the guidance and teaching the book provides.


For someone eager to get the first date with the lady he likes, this book has a simple step wise text messaging procedure, which would ensure that you land a date with the girl of your dreams, if you follow the tips given correctly.

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Why text messages annoy her and what you should do instead

text messages that annoy women - magnetic-messaging.infoHave you ever loved a girl who thinks of you as nothing but a friend? Have you ever had romantic and or sexual thoughts for a girl, who does not feel like you do? Do you spend time with a hot girl, as her pal? Do you pick up groceries with her, go shopping with her and yet, are just a friend? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you are in the friendzone.

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Texting Your Way Out of the Friend Zone
Texting Your Way Out of the Friend Zone

Let’s face it; there are too many guys in the friend-zone. Yes, I am talking about Jake, Michael and yes, even the average Joe! There are millions of guys all over the world who have hot lady friends who they want to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship but end up being in the friend zone. How many of you have faced this situation? You have a hot friend, who makes you do errands, go shopping with her, select a dress for her (or even her underwear), but will never show herself to you in it? Yes, my friend, you are in the friend zone. You may feel good that she is giving you the time of day and you may think that you are making her boyfriend or other guys jealous because you get to hang out with her, but in reality they are all laughing at you because they are having sex with her and your are not. To make it worst she will crack jokes with these guys about you, saying that you are nothing to her. She will laugh and say that you are just her mall buddy that follows her around like a desperate puppy

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