Have you heard the name Magnetic messaging eBook?

women text messaging a guy

What was it about? Was it about Dating, Texting or Sexting?
Yes, it is all of them and a lot more. It’s about the Art of relationship building, nurturing them, feeding them and making it a strong part of your day to day living, if you really are keen on making rightful use of the guidance and teaching the book provides.


For someone eager to get the first date with the lady he likes, this book has a simple step wise text messaging procedure, which would ensure that you land a date with the girl of your dreams, if you follow the tips given correctly.



For example: The amazing Key-lock sequence reveals a 3 text message sequence in getting a date and ensuring she does not see you as a texting buddy! You may be a great friend to many people but you can be a special someone for the one you care about, by following the simple 3 step sequence listed in the book of


Sparking emotions
Making connection
Handling logistics


The book also gives you an insight into different girl personalities and what works for whom? It proves to be of a great help, when you understand your girl better and know what she would appreciate! This would help you avoid terrible mistakes you make, during conversation with her.
At different points in a relationship, what is expected out of you? What you should say to comfort her? Give her the confidence she need, it’s all in the book.

I do not want to give the details out, I would just say this is an amazing book which comes in with a lot of benefits and add on bonuses, which help you through your relationship phases and the entire package comes at a throw away price, as good as being free for you to use and benefit from.

The best part of the book is stating the common questions and mistakes you tend to make and how to fix the same and avoid them. You will be responded to via the emails, if you get stuck anywhere in the book and are not able to make the right decision, based on the situation.

The book itself states its pros and cons and limitations, when it comes to stating in detail long term relationship needs and the ways to deal with them but it surely does deliver on what is promised as to give the person a chance to express himself better and at the same time to guide him through the process of making his lady comfortable in the relationship, by giving her the due comfort.

Thus, having magnetic Messaging eBook by your side would ensure that you are confident of your text content and what the outcome would be and would help you build a strong foundation for the long term relations, you aspire to build. The eBook would always ensure that you are never short of right words to say and text.