Magnetic messaging text examples

keep text short flirty and fun

Have you ever used a pick up like to start a conversation with a girl?

If yes, you would know exactly what I am refereeing to when I say words speak louder than any other act or action you make.Now let’s assume you have a crush on a cute girl from work and you want to ask her out. Would a “what’s up?” Is fine followed by “hey you want to catch lunch sometime”? Should you not say something unique or innovative; something which gets her attention instantly and makes you look lovable and different?

Quick get inside the car, lion has escaped from the zoo and I was worried looking for you throughout the town… are you ok? I am is loss of ideas when it comes to deciding to go for a special dinner with someone I like and the delicacies she would like, so why don’t you save me from the performance pressure and help me with the dinner plans for us.

Try a invitation to chat to a work colleague saying, ‘Hey I am off to barns and nobles, would buy you the amazing muffins and coffee they have, if you help me buy some books’. Well if you had sent these massages, it would get her thinking, would give a smile on her face and make her curious as to what next you can come up with.


Once you have had a date with the lady, you have to keep improving it by understanding what attractive communication is and how it implement it! You should know what works for your lady and how to be on her good side by playing to your advantages.

image showing alt textThe text messages have one thing in common; they spark emotions, make connections and use the best resources to your benefit. The texts have been written with complete understanding of human emotions and the need to be connected or felt cared and loved, which are basic human needs.

In the book magnetic messaging by Bobby Rio’s and Rob Judge, the authors have offered a plethora of case studies based on real life scenarios, giving you a detail insight and the learning can come from examples and case studies and not from your own failure.



The book covers all the texting scenarios, giving you ample solution options, to apply in any situation.

The book is easy, texts are appropriate and often hilarious to you, and they will be hilarious to the lady in question. They are engaging and full of options to choose from. The same can be referred again and again for the women you care for.

However, let me warn you to not go overboard with texting everything you read in the book to her. It may not be her taste! It may make you look desperate and you may have faked your personality while sending those messages. You would need to stick to the personality, later on. When you don’t have it in you, you would fumble.


So use your texts wisely, be patient add a bit of your personality to it or learn to adapt and improvise and the art you then learn would go a long way in building and keeping your relations for life.