Why text messages annoy her and what you should do instead

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text messages that annoy women - magnetic-messaging.infoHave you ever loved a girl who thinks of you as nothing but a friend? Have you ever had romantic and or sexual thoughts for a girl, who does not feel like you do? Do you spend time with a hot girl, as her pal? Do you pick up groceries with her, go shopping with her and yet, are just a friend? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you are in the friendzone.

It is hard getting out the friendzone; there is no doubt about that. As long as you are stuck in the friendzone, you will never become a romantic or sexual threat in her eyes! Yes I said threat. If you are not considered a sexual threat to the woman that you want then you will never get to have sex with her. She wants to be conquered by a wild man. So if you have tried everything, so what’s holding you back. The answer may lie in the course of your life! Tell me honestly, how many times, do you text her? Text messages can be very annoying. They will not only keep you in the friendzone but will also annoy your lady friend. I am not advocating that text messaging keeps people in the friendzone as there are ways in which you can get out of the friendzone using text messaging as well.

Why Text messages annoy her is the question, to which you need to seek an answer! Here are a few scenarios:


You send her cute good morning and good night messages to her every day. You think they are cute but she may not feel the same way. She may be irritated with her parents or friends before sleeping and would feel annoyed, after reading your text message.

You may be calling her cute names through texting. Although she may not admit it this may be one of the reasons, she feels annoyed, as she may perceive the name to be childish or stupid.
She may not only get annoyed with the content in the text message; the timing of the message may also annoy her. If you send her a message and you send her another message asking why she has not replied to the first one, it would be annoying. She’s probably busy; you need to concentrate on other things.

The frequency of the text messaging may also annoy her. Would you liked to be disturbed all the time? If you are texting her too often, please stop; it would only annoy her! Give this girl the gift of missing you. She likes to wonder what you are doing and who you are with.

If you like the girl, why are you texting her? Calling her is much more personal and there can be a lot of emotions which can be exchanged, which is not possible in text messages! If the girl likes the guy, she would not be interesting only in texting him. She would like to meet him and get to know him better.

Text messaging is a tool to get the girl to your place. That’s all it is. Your goal in texting a girl is to get her to your house for sex. Whether you have to go from a text message to a phone call to her in your bed or from a text message to her in your bed it does not matter, just remember your goal in text messaging your girl. Ask her out for dinner, or a casual movie. If she likes sports, take her to a basketball game. You can try mini golf, which is a great idea, as the an ideal destination for the first time, you go out.

It’s time to step out in the real world; stop texting her and start meeting her. You can only achieve a level of intimacy through actual physical contact! Answering ‘why text messages annoy her’ is quite simple. She want to spend time with a man and not read text messages all day.