Texting Your Way Out of the Friend Zone

Texting Your Way Out of the Friend Zone

Let’s face it; there are too many guys in the friend-zone. Yes, I am talking about Jake, Michael and yes, even the average Joe! There are millions of guys all over the world who have hot lady friends who they want to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship but end up being in the friend zone. How many of you have faced this situation? You have a hot friend, who makes you do errands, go shopping with her, select a dress for her (or even her underwear), but will never show herself to you in it? Yes, my friend, you are in the friend zone. You may feel good that she is giving you the time of day and you may think that you are making her boyfriend or other guys jealous because you get to hang out with her, but in reality they are all laughing at you because they are having sex with her and your are not. To make it worst she will crack jokes with these guys about you, saying that you are nothing to her. She will laugh and say that you are just her mall buddy that follows her around like a desperate puppy

Texting Your Way Out of the Friend ZoneWhat is the friend zone
The friend zone is an artificial psychological zone in the girl’s brain, which basically states that the guy is no longer a sexual entity in her eyes and is quite boring sexually!

Words that prove you are definitely in the friend zone
• Aww, you are so cute
• I would not ruin our friendship for anything
• I see you as a friend
• Why can’t I find a guy like you?


It’s frustrating; I know it because I have gone through this before, many times before. You see it happening to you but you dont want to believe. You want to think that this girl will like you because you are a nice guy. You desperately want her to like you. The reality is that she does not like a nice guy, you are just useful to her at the moment. What can you do? There are several ways of getting out of the friend zone. The easiest one is texting your way out of the friend zone.

Texting is probably the easiest medium of communication. However, too much texting would make you, her text-pal, which you want to avoid. Here are a few tips you can follow when you text her, to get her to like you

• Don’t text her too often; texting her too often will imply that you have a lot of idle time
• Do not text her as soon as you get a reply from her; be cool and take your own time to text her. You should not give the impression that you were waiting for her text.
• Create curiosity about yourself. Girls love guys who are a bit mysterious. Do not tell her everything, be discreet in some matters.
• Do not give her cute names, even if you want to. Giving cute names, gives the impression that you want to be her friend, not boyfriend or lover
• You should tease her in a sexual way; however, ensure that you know her well before you do this.
• You should ask her about her expectation in a guy and tell her about your expectations. This would send a signal to the girl that you are a serious guy and would make a great boyfriend
• It is very important that you build an emotional connection with her through text messages. Ask her about her hobbies, family and friends

Texting your way out of the friend zone is means and not the end of a relationship. Follow the above given tips to get out of the friend zone. However, the battle is not over; you need to call her and meet her personally so that you can ask her out in person. Texting is a way of getting out of the friendzone, but that is where the battle starts and not ends. This is how you perfect the art of texting your way out of the friendzone.